My very good friend Emyat is learning how to drive now.She just passed the driving exam and just received her driving permit .She was eager to learn and that she was so serious about it.She told me if she knows how to drive already,she would definitely buy a new car.We've been researching what car to buy and here are the top 4 random picks we had.

Since she and her hubby love to go on long road trips and adventures,they wanted an SUV type that could give them the comfort and the safety of their trip.She like the new gmc terrain because of the luxury feeling plus the interiors are great.The price is very inexpensive that it suited on her budget.Her husband wanted something that is gas friendly and economical,since my friend is working by far.This is where the jeep compass comes in.A very spacious too that could accommodate more passengers.Just yesterday,she saw a midsized SUV that attracted her . Its the new subaro tribeca.Since they don't have kids yet,the subaro tribeca suited on their lifestyle too.My friend's mother in law suggested to look over the new nissan maxima since the look is so great from front to back.The exterior is superb that you eventually say " WOW". The interior's nearly as good as the exterior and a very comfy and safe car.
Now that we reveal our big 4 top picks,me too would want to buy a new car on my own.


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