I WAS TALKING TO MY MOM AND DAD 5 DAYS AGO ABOUT GOING SOMEWHERE and have a short vacation.My dad and mom agreed and we surf the net on what could be the best place to go.My dad wanted to go somewhere South and i suggested why not in Bohol since i havent been there yet.My parents love to travel and its one way of relaxing amidst the super duper busy schedules.I am super excited about the travel but when my dad checked his schedules,OMG!!! full until October..I was so sad and got irritated in a way because we have to wait till October..DUH!!! blah,,blahh,,blahh!!! what can i do,that's the life of a public servant.
Meanwhile,i just go over the net and booked the hotel as early as now.I have here some pictures which excites me more...

TARSIER(smallest monkey)




SUPER NICE ISN'T IT... OH well .. i just have to wait more months..I know its worth the wait though..:-)