5 days to go and it will be my hubby's b-day..Its been weeks since i've been planning on what to do for his birthday.We really dont celebrate his birthday since its our nephews death anniversary,but i really make it a point to give him something especial.For this year,i really dont know what to give..mmmm!!! I wanna give him something he can use daily or something he doesn't have..I went online to check whats good for him but still i cannot figure out what.My hubby is so particular with materials that is why i have a hard time figuring out what to give him....OMG!!! Will somebody help me OUT!! Im panicking already guys... :-(

These are just among on my list :

  1. a nice wallet
  2. tire's for his car ( he asked me to buy but OMG when i checked it was so expensive)
  3. iPod nano
  4. shoes
  5. perfume
  6. .....waaaaa i rally dont know...guy's help me out!!!!!!! :-(