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AND VOILA...!!!!!

Ive mention on my other blog that we do breed different kinds of dogs.Just 2 days ago,my Doberman is in heat again.. For this time,we decided to pick another breeder so we could a least have other color other than like Keanna's...



I happened to ride my friends car and oh so stunning.His car is so beautifully accessorized .It really drop my jaw when i opened the door.His was an old model car but the interior is so stunningly beautiful.He changed it with wood dash and it really brings the look more luxurious.Let's face it,we all want to ride with a comfortable and cozy vehicle.Its a feeling that we all wanted to experience when driving or when your just inside your car listening to you're favorite song.I ask him the amount he invested but again i was amazed just when he told me he just spent a small amount.Nothing to worry with the price.Oh well we have to consider the quality.Just when he explained everything,no-no worries again for all the materials used are top quality and has a lifetime warranty.I myself too is thinking of having a wood dash just exactly like his.


TRUE LOVE is the bond that won't be broken,no matter what the challenge...
IT'S THE BRIDGE TO OUR FUTURE and the door from our past
ITS THE TOGETHERNESS when separation could always be an option
IT'S NEVER GIVING UP on each other and the love we want to last...

TRUE LOVE is a commitment to keeping our promises it's staying together because we want to
IT'S THE ULTIMATE SATISFACTION it's the soul's celestial gate
SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T make much sense and it plays by its own rules
BUT THE HEART IS homesick with out it and its well worth the wait...

WHEN THE WORLD'S RULES are changing true love will hold fast
IT WONT take for granted,and it wont change with the tide
IT WONT BE discarded like some out of style fashion
IT'S THE REAL THING,not something counterfeit just along the ride

WHEN WE HURT each other's feeling we forgive and go on
WE SURVIVE LIFE'S UP'S AND DOWNS and were thankful when dreams come true
I KNOW I SOUND OLD fashion but i don't care if i do

(from the card that my hubby gave on our 7th year anniversary as bf's and gf's)