One fine hot afternoon, my baby and i are watching Barney in our Samsung Lcd Tv when i decided to go and drive to the city to have some refreshment since it was totally hot.At that very same day,our nanny went home so nobody would hold my baby for his safety measures.Good thing i have my Toddler Car Seat that i don't need anybody's hand to help him out.It was so durable and very safe that we even use it when we go on a long road trip.

Everytime i looked at him,my baby kept his feet kicking and kept on clapping his hands.You would really see it in his eyes that he was happy and as if telling me he's fine and he's doing great.I decided to pull over the car in front of this ice cream parlor.When we get inside,pretty waitress offered us a table near the glass so my baby would have a good glance of the car passing by.She gave us a very safe and baby friendly Rubbermaid High Chair.My date enjoyed our very simple date that we want to do this all over again.


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