My cousin is getting married and at the moment we are on the process of choosing the design of their cake.Her motif is green and she wants something fresh and clean.We surf the net on the designs and because of so many samples,she cannot decide on what would be the perfect one.These are the following that we are picking on..

These are just amongst her favorite on her list.MMMM...what about you dear blogger friends ...what would you pick though? :-)


  1. love them all! wonder when i can have my own...

  2. @ bleep..mmm that will come...just ask god for it..:-0 thanx for droppin by..:-)

  3. ^^ this cake really looks good ^^,

  4. All are very nice..Especially this wedding cake..look so nice..see my web page finance

  5. This cakes looks are very pretty..And I like That last one..Very nice Read here

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