MY LITTLE KIDDO is growing up so fast and "SUPER RESTLESS"..It really worries us because he might fall from his walker or he might hit his face with his toys .As a mom we want our children to be safe always because they are still fragile and need so much attention and care..One fine day,my husband and i together with our little 11 month old boy went to a mall and saw an inflatable pool. I told my hubby to check it and see if its good for the baby to just use it as playpen.We then saw that its good for him since its very soft and safeWe could just put him inside the inflatable with his toys but all we had to do is just to put a foam underneath so if ever he'll fall he's is still safe because its soft underneath. ..We parent's should be very careful for our baby and really really handle them with care.Its always be better all the time than be sorry in the end..


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