I am very particular when it comes to cleanliness,specifically in the house.I want everything to be clean,neat,orderly, pleasant smell and dust free house.I got this attitude from my mom,and she's very organized as well.She would always tells us that if your clean as well as your house,people will leave a good impression on you.In my case,i am like her but i am very very particular with the smell of the house,particularly in the room,kitchen and bathrooms.Freshener's help my life more our house smell fresh.I choose the not so strong flavor since it can make you dizzy and will have headache.I prefer the jasmine,strawberry and morning dew flavor.

When it come's to the car as well,i opted not to put any fresheners or it will make me dizzy and throw up, even to the lightest smell.A clean and dust free car will do.My doctor adviced me not to be exposed with freshers all the time since i have asthma but i am one hard headed patient and still use in the house.What about you?are you like me who love air fresheners? :-)

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