When i got pregnant to my baby,i gained almost 40 lbs. I weigh about 130 lbs before i got pregnant but right at this very minute i am 170 lbs..hohhhhhh!!! so sad and so frustrating.I tried cutting down my food intake but still i crave for more.Whats so worst is that i cant wear my clothes and i barely don't wanna go out because i don't have anything to wear.I don't want to buy clothes too because i'll just get upset everytime i put it on and wont fit in.It will just ruin my day.Until now i still use some of my maternity clothes because i feel comfortable wearing it.I've been planning to go for a walk or a jog early in the morning but still my pillows and my blankets don't want me to go.I've read a lot about diet pills and herbal teas but i'm afraid of using it or it may have side effects .I wanna go back playing tennis or wanna try badminton but i still cannot figure out if its good for me since i gave birth through CS.I'm really really frustrated about my weight.How i wish i could find some alternative of loosing weight...........

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