I happened to ride my friends car and oh so stunning.His car is so beautifully accessorized .It really drop my jaw when i opened the door.His was an old model car but the interior is so stunningly beautiful.He changed it with wood dash and it really brings the look more luxurious.Let's face it,we all want to ride with a comfortable and cozy vehicle.Its a feeling that we all wanted to experience when driving or when your just inside your car listening to you're favorite song.I ask him the amount he invested but again i was amazed just when he told me he just spent a small amount.Nothing to worry with the price.Oh well we have to consider the quality.Just when he explained everything,no-no worries again for all the materials used are top quality and has a lifetime warranty.I myself too is thinking of having a wood dash just exactly like his.


  1. im not dreaming of having any car.. but if youl'l offer me something like that..? i wont think twice.. hehe. loveeet

  2. .its free to dream anyways..hehehehhe..sure im gonna give u a car..a TOYCAR...hehehhe thanx for droppin by

  3. i could now imagine the importance of wood dash in a car.
    Heheheh "It really drop my jaw when i opened the door." I Love it the way you described your self

  4. Q nanaybelen..heheheh thanx :-)

  5. wish i have my own car first ;) haha

  6. WOW! Looks good.

    DeejGeek of

  7. What a nice idea, I wish you had taken pics, I surely would have loved to see it.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for visiting my site, always love to get new visitors.

    Hope to see you again soon and hope your week has been going great.

    You never said, how short did you cut your hair. :-(

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