I WAS TALKING TO MY MOM AND DAD 5 DAYS AGO ABOUT GOING SOMEWHERE and have a short vacation.My dad and mom agreed and we surf the net on what could be the best place to go.My dad wanted to go somewhere South and i suggested why not in Bohol since i havent been there yet.My parents love to travel and its one way of relaxing amidst the super duper busy schedules.I am super excited about the travel but when my dad checked his schedules,OMG!!! full until October..I was so sad and got irritated in a way because we have to wait till October..DUH!!! blah,,blahh,,blahh!!! what can i do,that's the life of a public servant.
Meanwhile,i just go over the net and booked the hotel as early as now.I have here some pictures which excites me more...

TARSIER(smallest monkey)




SUPER NICE ISN'T IT... OH well .. i just have to wait more months..I know its worth the wait though..:-)


5 days to go and it will be my hubby's b-day..Its been weeks since i've been planning on what to do for his birthday.We really dont celebrate his birthday since its our nephews death anniversary,but i really make it a point to give him something especial.For this year,i really dont know what to give..mmmm!!! I wanna give him something he can use daily or something he doesn't have..I went online to check whats good for him but still i cannot figure out what.My hubby is so particular with materials that is why i have a hard time figuring out what to give him....OMG!!! Will somebody help me OUT!! Im panicking already guys... :-(

These are just among on my list :

  1. a nice wallet
  2. tire's for his car ( he asked me to buy but OMG when i checked it was so expensive)
  3. iPod nano
  4. shoes
  5. perfume
  6. .....waaaaa i rally dont know...guy's help me out!!!!!!! :-(


My Hero

As I ponder the love that I saw in his eyes,
A Godly love, given without compromise....
I recall many times that he stood by my side,
And prodded me on with great vigor and pride.

His voice ever confident, firm and yet fair,
Always speaking with patience, tenderness and care.
The power and might of his hands was so sure,
I knew there was nothing we couldn't endure.

It's true, a few others provided insight,
Yet, he laid the foundation that kept me upright.
He's the grandest of men to have lived on this earth,
Although he's not royal by stature or birth.

He's a man of great dignity, honor and strength.
His merits are noble, and of admirable length.
He's far greater than all other men that I know,
He's my Dad, he's my mentor, my friend and hero.


We all are in financial crisis now and everybody are feeling it.Due to the crisis recession,its a fact that majority of us are in need of money and work to pay off the bills and some important responsibilities. Just like a couple of days ago my friend in California is in need of money right away because she had to pay her bills or else,she will be put on hold.They want to have a cash advance as soon as possible to pay all their responsibilities.She was sick for a while and she's not working for 3 months.Now that she was feeling ok and working back,all she was worried was her bills.We all know that not all employers allow cash advances and she was so worried about it. Good thing she bumped to this site that offers a very fast and reliable company.She need some personal loan,and she wants it right away.Its very fast and easy and very trustworthy.There are only three steps to do for approval.Just apply online,submit for approval.wait for just an hour and there you go,you'll get your funds straight to your savings account.


I'm a music lover and i make it a point to check the top 1oo of billboards list every now and then.As for the this week the the B.O.B Nothin on you feat. Bruno Mars.The song is so cool and the beat is so high...:-) Enjoy watching...:-)


I have a very terrible day yesterday of so much work plus the the climate is not good.My day starts with a very heavy traffic and eaten my lunch so very late.My dear friend called me thats some clients are cancelling their meeting because of the climate..OH!!! what terrible day indeed.Just as i was about to read my emails at home,my sister called me up and ask how was my day was and as soon as i was finished telling her,she told me to go to this site and try this new web site.Its a roulette online play and its a good way of pushing away the stress and the negative vibes in your system.Isn't it great?After a long day,something will help you free from bad things thats happening?Its a good news right?Thanks to my sister.At the moment,i'm slowly learning the roulette system and try each game.It truly ends my day relaxing.


My cousin is getting married and at the moment we are on the process of choosing the design of their cake.Her motif is green and she wants something fresh and clean.We surf the net on the designs and because of so many samples,she cannot decide on what would be the perfect one.These are the following that we are picking on..

These are just amongst her favorite on her list.MMMM...what about you dear blogger friends ...what would you pick though? :-)


Math indeed per se is one subject that need to be looked deeper into,It needs a lot of time to figure each answers.Learning and understanding each cases makes each problem work.Usually math homework's are given away so that the students would have a long time to figure out the problems.Many students find the subject hard because it needs a lot of time and formulas to come up the right answers. Some students would seek free math homework help because they cannot understand the explanation by the professors well.One thing that students are so grateful now is that theres a free math tutoring online where they could ask question regarding their topic in fact free math tutoring is a blessing not only to students but to the parents as well.

I remember i always ask someone to solve calculus homework's because i really find it so hard.Good thing i have friends who offer calculus help in good faith.So if you have a hard time on your calculus,just look for a calculus tutor to help you out or go online.





If there's one thing that you want to promote,the best thing to do is through exhibits.Mostly people enjoyed looking and listening at what ever the products there is especially the design of the booth's are eye catching or so with the table covers.It will give more emphasis and will beautify the product more.upon my observation,to catch a certain products something should be done in endorsing that product.One thing that people would notice is how the management put up that small portion and how the table top display is manage and arrange.

If you want that your product be heard,one thing to consider is your listeners should feel comfortable and by just offering then a directors chair,they would lend them their ears and would be cooperative enough to listen to you.


There are so many people who doesn't know what bullion is. In a very simple meaning its uncoined gold or silver , and many of us wanted to have gold bullion right?Who wouldn't?Its so precious and an ultimate asset to all of us.It can go to anything you want from jewelries to watches to brackets or even to houses.There are so many things that can be done out of gold.Its a good investment from all of us since it will not be devalue or cannot be depreciated.If you want to buy bullion you have to consider a lot of things and should be done in a very trusted company or store since its a big amount of money that we are talking.To buy gold bullion is a good choice since it has many practical uses.You can do anything out of your wild imagination and to have a gold is everybody's dream.


MY LITTLE KIDDO is growing up so fast and "SUPER RESTLESS"..It really worries us because he might fall from his walker or he might hit his face with his toys .As a mom we want our children to be safe always because they are still fragile and need so much attention and care..One fine day,my husband and i together with our little 11 month old boy went to a mall and saw an inflatable pool. I told my hubby to check it and see if its good for the baby to just use it as playpen.We then saw that its good for him since its very soft and safeWe could just put him inside the inflatable with his toys but all we had to do is just to put a foam underneath so if ever he'll fall he's is still safe because its soft underneath. ..We parent's should be very careful for our baby and really really handle them with care.Its always be better all the time than be sorry in the end..


Level K-12 as we all know is quiet hard.There are certain statistics that are hard to understand and that needs a helping hand with someone who are basically good at it.Good thing there's online tutor that would help students learn and understand.Statistic help and statistic tutor are one way that could make the lessons be learned easily.Good thing this online tutor is 24/7 of service at anyone in need.Statistic problems and statistic questions need not to worry because an online tutor will be ready to reach out at a very low/cheap amount of money.One great news also is that they can use the service anytime they want at any given time.OH!! and wait,they give free statistic help also,so you don't have to worry about statistic answers because this online tutor will be ready to help you as much as you need to excel in school..






AND VOILA...!!!!!

Ive mention on my other blog that we do breed different kinds of dogs.Just 2 days ago,my Doberman is in heat again.. For this time,we decided to pick another breeder so we could a least have other color other than like Keanna's...



I happened to ride my friends car and oh so stunning.His car is so beautifully accessorized .It really drop my jaw when i opened the door.His was an old model car but the interior is so stunningly beautiful.He changed it with wood dash and it really brings the look more luxurious.Let's face it,we all want to ride with a comfortable and cozy vehicle.Its a feeling that we all wanted to experience when driving or when your just inside your car listening to you're favorite song.I ask him the amount he invested but again i was amazed just when he told me he just spent a small amount.Nothing to worry with the price.Oh well we have to consider the quality.Just when he explained everything,no-no worries again for all the materials used are top quality and has a lifetime warranty.I myself too is thinking of having a wood dash just exactly like his.


TRUE LOVE is the bond that won't be broken,no matter what the challenge...
IT'S THE BRIDGE TO OUR FUTURE and the door from our past
ITS THE TOGETHERNESS when separation could always be an option
IT'S NEVER GIVING UP on each other and the love we want to last...

TRUE LOVE is a commitment to keeping our promises it's staying together because we want to
IT'S THE ULTIMATE SATISFACTION it's the soul's celestial gate
SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T make much sense and it plays by its own rules
BUT THE HEART IS homesick with out it and its well worth the wait...

WHEN THE WORLD'S RULES are changing true love will hold fast
IT WONT take for granted,and it wont change with the tide
IT WONT BE discarded like some out of style fashion
IT'S THE REAL THING,not something counterfeit just along the ride

WHEN WE HURT each other's feeling we forgive and go on
WE SURVIVE LIFE'S UP'S AND DOWNS and were thankful when dreams come true
I KNOW I SOUND OLD fashion but i don't care if i do

(from the card that my hubby gave on our 7th year anniversary as bf's and gf's)


For almost 4 years of not cutting my hair,I finally cut it..It reaches almost my behind..It was so long that I experience falling hair already.. and I had a hard time combing it because it was too long plus the fact that it was so hot these days.I miss my long not shiny hair..OH!!! WELLL!!! Its ok, it will grow again…


WE LOVE SUNDAYS!!! who wouldn't like Sundays..? To me its my favorite day of the week because its a family day and its the day were we could hear mass,bond with family or go somewhere with my love ones.Just last Sunday,my hubby ,our baby and i are on our way to our friends house when our Honda Civic just stopped.My husband opened the hood of the car and check what happened.My hubby found out that the head gasket of our car needs a replacement. The purpose of the head gasket is to seal the cylinders to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of coolant or engine oil. Just nice to know that my hubby knows a little about the engines.The car needs a replacement of a new head gasket.Good thing there's the Los Angeles auto repair that accommodate us right away.Their service are great and they are very accommodating.They are very accurate in every detail and we don't have to wait long just to have a replacement.


OHH!!! i need to go to the parlor and have my manicure and pedicure ..It's been like 2 weeks since the last time i had my nails done..I'm kinda so "marte" when it comes to my nails.I like trying out different colors,but im more on earth colors than bright ones..I remember when i was still in college,me and my bff's would apply nail polish at any colors we want.There are times when we feel of putting neon colors,,,hahahahha!!! so weird but we like it though..I use to have to long nails before but when i gave birth,i decided to cut it short or i might hurt my baby's soft delicate skin.. :-)


My very good friend Emyat is learning how to drive now.She just passed the driving exam and just received her driving permit .She was eager to learn and that she was so serious about it.She told me if she knows how to drive already,she would definitely buy a new car.We've been researching what car to buy and here are the top 4 random picks we had.

Since she and her hubby love to go on long road trips and adventures,they wanted an SUV type that could give them the comfort and the safety of their trip.She like the new gmc terrain because of the luxury feeling plus the interiors are great.The price is very inexpensive that it suited on her budget.Her husband wanted something that is gas friendly and economical,since my friend is working by far.This is where the jeep compass comes in.A very spacious too that could accommodate more passengers.Just yesterday,she saw a midsized SUV that attracted her . Its the new subaro tribeca.Since they don't have kids yet,the subaro tribeca suited on their lifestyle too.My friend's mother in law suggested to look over the new nissan maxima since the look is so great from front to back.The exterior is superb that you eventually say " WOW". The interior's nearly as good as the exterior and a very comfy and safe car.
Now that we reveal our big 4 top picks,me too would want to buy a new car on my own.


When i was still in grade school,i used to collect stamps.It was a " fab" at that time that almost everyone are collecting it.I remember i have a STAMP ALBUM which my mom bought it.I have different stamps from different places.Just 3 days ago,my niece ask me if i have stamps because he joined this STAMP CLUB in their school.OMG!! i then remember i collect stamps before.I tried looking it but i couldn't find it anymore and i may have put it anywhere.I felt so sad because i did not put in a place where i could look back and recall the memories..


One fine hot afternoon, my baby and i are watching Barney in our Samsung Lcd Tv when i decided to go and drive to the city to have some refreshment since it was totally hot.At that very same day,our nanny went home so nobody would hold my baby for his safety measures.Good thing i have my Toddler Car Seat that i don't need anybody's hand to help him out.It was so durable and very safe that we even use it when we go on a long road trip.

Everytime i looked at him,my baby kept his feet kicking and kept on clapping his hands.You would really see it in his eyes that he was happy and as if telling me he's fine and he's doing great.I decided to pull over the car in front of this ice cream parlor.When we get inside,pretty waitress offered us a table near the glass so my baby would have a good glance of the car passing by.She gave us a very safe and baby friendly Rubbermaid High Chair.My date enjoyed our very simple date that we want to do this all over again.


WHAT'S WITH THE CHOCOLATES that everyone are craving out..Just 2 days ago my hubby bought a bunch of chocolates from different sizes and names...ahahhaha!!! When he handed it to me,i was totally forgotten that i was on a diet..freak me.yahh!! Who care's on a diet if all your favorite chocolates are on your hands..:-) Anyhow,i have read in a paper that chocolates are good for the heart as long as your not a diabetic.For the past days,i really spoil myself with those.I dont know whats up with me these past few days that i really is into chocolate's...HMMMM!!! ....


Just last night, i was doing my Thesis and i happened to bump some words that i haven't encountered in my whole life.Words that are so hard to understand,basically native words from different language.At that very minute,i need the meaning and the translations of each word so i could go on with my research.I surf the net and there i bump to this superb website.A state of the art website that deliver so quick or better yet with just a blink of your eyes,there and then, your'e answers are accurately served.

Translia can translate anything from different language you want.They offer a very very cheap price ever with no minimum charge at any time.The translators are so quick that you don't have to wait for for a long time.I am very much impressed with the website that i even told my friends about it.Now,no worries at all when it comes to translations since i found my very user friendly website.


OMG....!!! It's still February and it felt like summer already..We cannot deny the fact that El Nino is coming here in the Philippines.We mostly just stayed inside our room because i myself cannot handle the heat.Its like your bones are being needled by a very sharp object.What we do was just to stay inside the room most of the time.My baby and i took a bath at about 3 to 4 times a day just to ease the heat.Im afraid of heatstroke that i completely do things to avoid it.Drink a glass of water every now and then and eat fruits that are watery are a good source...

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