I am so excited to start this new blog..Infact, there are a lot of topics in my mind but i think because of the super excitement,i don't even know what to write or even think a certain title...

MMmmm...( think..thinkk..)( tiktak-tiktak..)(clock is ticking... ok..ok..ok.. !!!!
Well..well..well.. i usually start my day with a kiss from my hubby,my baby and the picture of mama mary and jesus.Having a mug of brewed coffee really really competes my day..To tell you,im a coffee addict since i was in grade school.When i got pregnant,and my OB advised me to stop.It was like the end of the road.. really really sad but of course i have to follow her, for the sake of our baby and i love our baby dearly..Having coffee in front of my pc is so delightful.Opening my emails and checking my other blogs makes me happy..One thing that keeps me busy in the morning also is preparing breakfast for my hubby and cooking my baby's food.Ohh!! i really love being a wife and a mom.Until then on my next posts..Im gonna share to you about my simple LIFE .